Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Omegle like Sites

Sites like Omegle are the best choice for people who want to fun by chatting with strangers. Internet world is an amazing world, it give you what you want. A few years back there was not a single site on the web that let you video, audio or text chat with strangers. There was only Yahoo chat rooms that also allow only registered users to chat in chat rooms,

Chatroulette was the first site that was created to give freedom of anonymous chat to all Internet users; you can see chatroulette funny screenshots of girls and guys who got mad on cams during their video chat, such things are too disgusting for a reasonable person but who cares? Omegle was the first alternative site of Chatroulette but now there are more than 100 similar, alternative and same sites like Omegle.

Omegle sites are now available for more populated regional users, means you can chat with strangers through Omegle India site if you are living in India or you can chat with strangers from United States if you belong to America. You can jump to top 10 sites like Omegle and stat making friendship with stranger people.

Warning: Chatting on such a sites with strangers is no doubt full of fun and fantasy but, do not share your personal information like exact street address, credit card number, college name, family member names, etc. Also do not trust on strangers on the first chat meeting and avoid joining a video chat, because any stranger can record your video chat and expose it on Youtube or Facebook. So be careful and wise when ever you decide to chat on sites like Top 10 Sites Like or sites like Chat roulette.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Create Google Plus Account

Google Plus is one of the great free social networking services which will be soon launch for everyone. Getting a free Google + account become a desire of every Internet users and they are looking for Google plus login page or sign up page. Most of the users do not get any suitable answer about why they can’t create an account on Google Plus. In this article, you will come to know how to register a free account on Google Plus one and use this new social network.

Google Plus is right in a Beta testing environment and they still do not open their registration service to everyone, Google Plus have a limited members right now and the ratio of increment in Google + members is also very slow because you cannot make a Google Plus account without an invitation, and invitation option in already registered accounts is also change time to time.

So there are two clear ways to create a Google Plus account , first option is to get invited by someone who already have a G + account or enroll your email address on the Google plus official website and they will inform you abbot their opening.

Google Plus (+) project is may be the last chance for Google to cross and destroy Facebook monopoly, because Facebook users are also getting tired from their useless policies. Google Plus hangout and circles feature may help them to win the race.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rakhi Sawant Blue Film

Rakhi Sawant is not a fashion celebrity and we really don’t have enough space to discuss this fat and bit funny lady in our fashion blog, but as you know this blog is about women and mostly we discuss about female celebrities. Rakhi Sawant is a notorious Bollywood celebrity who is also appeared on several reality shows on various TV channels, including her scandalous appearance in Big Boss reality show on Star Plus.

Rakhi Sawant is a hot item girl who mostly performs item songs with showing breast in Bollywood Hindi films, she is also a good comedian but I do not feel any laugh on her sluggish jokes. Now a day various Internet Celebrity blogs are talking about Rakhi Sawant blue film video clips, I personally do not seen any MMS or video clip about Rakhi. She also wants to marry with Yoga guru Baba Ramdev before the end of 2011.

I also cannot confirm this news because I do not have any interest about this lady; you may discuss the reality of her blue film in comments below, so all of my blog readers who are also big fan of Rakhi Sawant are welcome here to discuss their darling.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout

Victoria's Secret has a lot of sexiest models around the world but Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio has some thing very special, and her this special thing make her the most prominent and most expensive model of Victoria fashion agency.

We know that Alessandra Ambrosio sexiest figure give her extra an ordinary importance in all over the world, in her a recent interview with Forbes magazine she revealed her diet secrets with her fans, now have a brief look at Alessandra Ambrosio diet secrets and workout tips.

Alessandra Ambrosio diet starts by taking one glass of milk every morning as a breakfast and after 30 minutes of walk she eat one half boiled egg with some bread, at lunch time she only like to take some pieces of chicken burger r chicken pizza and at night she like to eat boiled rice. Alessandra Ambrosio exercise instructor gives her three days in every weak and she is quite satisfy about her physical fitness.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

During Pregnancy Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is a great blessing for pregnant women, this is a tasty and sweet fruit of summer. This fruit is mostly produces in Asian countries, like Nepal, China, Pakistan and India, but it also export to  various western countries and easily available in fruits market. Watermelon is the only red fruit which contain a lot of fresh water inside and unlike other ordinary fruits, Watermelon are not harvested on tress but in fields.

You may surprise to know Watermelon miraculous health benefits during pregnancy, so if you are pregnant then it is a best diet for your first and second trimester. Have a look at some best uses of watermelon health benefits during pregnancy.

1- Watermelon increase HB level in blood during pregnancy.
2- It protect pregnant women from dehydration.
3- Watermelons are the best remedy to deal with morning sickness and vomiting habbits for pregnant ladies.
4- It contains sufficient quantity of magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin A and C, which keeps your kid healthy.
5- It gives relief from swellings and antioxidants in watermelon, protect from cancer.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poonam Pandey MMS Video

Poonam Pandey blue film video scandal gives a big boom on Indian print and electronic media, even more then 150 websites officially launched her mms video scandal to watch or download for free. Do you recognize her? Yes she is the same model who claims to dress up her all clothes only if Indian cricket team won the world cup final. Now everybody knows that India won the final and what she is waiting for now?

Obviously this is not her self made video, or official video shooting on her promise, but this is a mobile made video clip which was leaked by her ex boyfriend on their dispute. Well once again she got a huge popularity in all over the India.

Poonam Pandey undressed video clips were leaked on yesterday night but now there are more then 10 versions of her without clothes MMS clips are available on various sites, but if you want to watch her videos, I strongly suggest you to don’t do it. You may waste your time and sight energy by watching her useless slum body. You can watch her fashion show or cat walk video clips by joining her Facebook page

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kangana Ranaut Hot Pics

Many of use are victims of Kangana Ranaut hot pics and photo shot in once upon a time in Mumbai, in IIFA Awards,  Ek Niranjan, Ragini MMS scandal and Fashion movie. Kangana first scandal was published on local Indian news was about her malfunction at Lakme fashion week. Kangana Ranaut without makeup looks not so beautiful; this comment was passed by her ex boyfriend Aditya Pancholi.

Aditya also admit that this Bollywood actress is empty inside, because she has not a real talent and she got movies contracts due to her close but secret relationships with film directors. He also blamed that her net worth was too low a years ago but now she has 10 times more money then her previous networth. Anyways this is their personal dispute and we cannot say that who is right and who is telling wring, we just know one thing that in the world of fashion and glamour every scene is possible and most of the celebrities do not loose any chance to get cheap fame or publicity.

You can watch Kangana Ranaut hot cat walk video recordings at Youtube, in this post I will show you her sexiest cat walk from her all time famous movie "Fashion". She was looking so beautiful in this movie with her wonderful height, if you have any interest in fashion industry then you may get a reasonable lesson by watch this movie.
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